Through collaborations with other organizations, our discovery screening services can be extended to deliver turnkey solutions for projects involving full compound library screening, cell-based culture and biological tissue samples.

PureHoney Technologies partners include:

WuXi AppTec: Compound Libraries
Access the WuXi AppTec proprietary chemical library in combination with PureHoney Tech mass spectrometry screening services using RapidFire and HPLC. Other projects include hit validation, SAR, hit-to-lead, protein isolation/expression and medicinal chemistry services.

LakePharma: Cell Line Development
Our partner, LakePharma offers stable cell line generation services for functional assays that are quickly screened by PureHoney scientists.

Biomere: Animal Models
Working with Biomere, our clients gain access to animal models to facilitate the study of the pathogenesis and complications of diseases.

Agilent Technologies: RapidFire MS
For existing or soon-to-be users of the Agilent RapidFire System, PureHoney Tech scientists help with overflow and pilot research projects and in vitro ADME analyses for drug drug interaction.