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Enable Challenging Assays with Label-free Screening

There are many unique targets that hold potential for new therapeutics, but some are not amenable to the traditional screening approaches used in most HTS laboratories. The assays developed around these targets are too difficult or sometimes just too time consuming and costly to screen. In addition, many commonly used labeled, indirect or coupled assays are susceptible to confounding factors or can produce data artifacts. Let PureHoney Technologies unlock these “high-value” targets for you using label-free assays and high-throughput mass spectrometry.

High-Value Targets Quickly and Reliably Screened

Simply send us your quenched assay plates and we’ll do the rest. We can help develop new assays or use your existing assay to screen your compound libraries quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. The expert scientists at PureHoney Tech will provide you with high-quality, label-free data in a fraction of the time required for most other label-free technologies, getting your project moving through the drug discovery pipeline.

Broad Complement of Early Stage Drug Discovery Research Services

PureHoney Technologies offers consulting and screening services including:

  • Enzymology and characterization of targets
  • Custom HTS assay development
  • Identification of hits
    • Singleton or compressed library screening
    • Fragment-based screening
  • Hit-to-lead services
    • Hit validation screening
    • Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) screening
    • Selectivity screening
  • In-vitro ADME sample screening

Mass Spectrometry at the Speed of a Plate Reader

Our drug discovery research services are conducted using the Agilent RapidFire platform. The ability of mass spectrometry to selectively and accurately quantify native analytes directly, without the requirement of antibodies or optically active labels, allows PureHoney Tech to develop new assays for the most challenging of targets. The throughput and capacity of the RapidFire system enables our scientists to provide you dependable mass spectrometry based data with unparalleled turnaround times. Read more about our drug discovery expertise for examples of assays and target classes that have been enabled.


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