Drug Discovery Expertise

Lead Discovery Experience that is both Broad and Deep

Our scientists have analyzed millions of wells spanning a variety of challenging targets across a broad array of therapeutic areas. We are specialists in label free assay development and screening using native substrates on mass spectrometers. With more than 30 years combined experience, we can help get your investigations done fast and rich with accurate data.

You receive personalized attention and counsel working directly with one of our Ph.D.’s to develop a customized assay solution for your specified target. Mass spectrometry-based screening can be applied to a wide range of targets, including those intractable targets with substrates such as lipids, fatty acids, phospholipids, steroids, prostaglandins, and other compounds not generally amenable to conventional screening techniques.

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Valuable Therapeutic Areas, Challenging Analytes and Intractable Targets

Drug Discovery Expertise PureHoney Technologies

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PureHoney Technologies partners with you to unlock answers so you can get projects into the pipeline faster and with reliable, reproducible results. Read more about specific assays and target classes that have been enabled using our technology platform, the RapidFire Mass Spectrometry System.

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