Complete Label-free HTS Services

An End-to-End High Throughput Solution for Drug Discovery

PureHoney Tech has teamed up with Wuxi AppTec to offer clients a complete, end-to-end high throughput screening solution. This covers everything from assay development through pre-clinical studies. wuxi apptec partners with purehoney technologiesWuXi AppTec is a leading open-access R&D services company serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

With our extensive scientific expertise in label-free assay development, and the application of RapidFire MS technology to screen those assays, PureHoney can help you gain ground on the most challenging – or conventional — drug discovery projects.

Compound Libraries and RapidFire MS

You will gain access to the WuXi AppTec proprietary chemical library while leveraging PureHoney Technologies services in enabling intractable drug targets using mass spectrometry detection. In addition, the partnership will also offer hit validation, SAR, hit-to-lead, protein isolation/expression and medicinal chemistry services.

PureHoney Technologies provides RapidFire MS-based analysis for assays that benefit from direct detection and label-free screening. We also offer MS-based secondary screening and hit validation for projects where the primary screen was done by a conventional technology like fluorescence or an indirect or coupled assay.

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